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How to Create Wifi Hotspot / Access Point In Ubuntu

Namaste Friends,

In This Post, I am Going To Show You A Simple Way To Create A Wifi Hotspot For Sharing Internet Connections with Other WiFi Clients Using Ubuntu.

So, Let's Quickly Start Our Tutorial But First, Make Sure Your Wireless Card Supports Access Point Mode.

Wireless Card Verification

To Verify Your Wireless Card Supported Interface, Open Your Terminal and Type:

:~# iw list

And Check AP Interface Shown In its Output as my wireless card showing in below screenshot.

If Your Wireless Card Also Showing AP as my terminal showing, then keep going

Setup 1.

Click On Network Icon located at the upper left side on desktop and then Click On Edit Connection Option

This Option Will Open Network Connection Dialog Box

Setup 2. 

          Now, a Network Connection Dialog Box Will appear, Then Click On Add Button

Setup 3. 

                  Here, Choose Wi-Fi as Connection Type

Setup 4. 

             Here, Fill All Fields as i filled given in below screenshot.

Connection Name = "Configuration Label"

SSID = "Your Hotspot Name"

Mode = "Choose Hotspot Mode"

Band = "Choose Auto"

Device = "Select Your Wireless Card"

Setup 5. 

                       Choose Security Type And Enter Password

Security = "Security Protocol"

Key = "Password"

Setup 6.

                 Now, Our Hotspot Settings are Ready To use.

Now, To Run Hotspot Open Network Icon and Their Click On Hotspot Option Shown In WiFi Network List.


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