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how to install ipython? | jupyter notebook?

Namaste Friends,

                          Friends, Today's Tutorial Is Small But Very Useful and this tutorial can save you hours! because today i going to show you how to install ipython notebook in windows, linux and Mac Os?

but friends, if you are new and don't know what is IPython, Jupyter Project and Jupyter Notebooks.

then, take a look here,

so, let's start

Requirements for Jupyter Notebook:

                        Jupyter Notebook is written in Python. That's why Python is a requirement (Python 3.3 or greater, or Python 2.7) for installing the Jupyter Notebook.


Their are two easy way to install Jupyter:

  1. Using Anaconda and conda
  2. Using Python pip.

1. Using Anaconda and Conda

                           For New Users Anaconda is best choice for installing Jupyter. Because Anaconda conveniently installs Python, Jupyter and other commonly used packages required for Jupyter Notebook.
and other important thing is that Anaconda Is Cross Platform Supported. means anaconda is available for windows, linux and mac os.

Follow below step for installing Jupyter.

  1. Download Latest Version of Anaconda.
  2. Install The Version of Anaconda which you downloaded.
  3. Done! Hahaha, Very Easy.

For Starting IPython Notebook, Open Terminal and type : 

jupyter notebook

Using Python Package manager Pip

first, insure that you have latest pip.

if you are using python 3.5
# For Python 3.x

pip3 install --upgrade pip


if you are using python 2.7.
# For Python 2.x

pip install --upgrade pip

Now, Install Jupyter Notebook Using :

if you are using python 3.5
# For Python 3.x

pip3 install jupyter


if you are using python 2.7
# For Python 2.x

pip install jupyter

Congratulations. You have installed Jupyter Notebook.

Now You Can Start Jupyter Notebook Using

jupyter notebook

Thanks for reading.

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