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boot pendrive of windows 7/8/8.1/10

Namaste Friends,


                      We Will Discuss About How To Create a Bootable Pen Drive.

Pen Drive is a small portable storage device that can store data.

And This Is More Secure Then CD/DVD.

So, Today For This Tutorial, I Am Using,

1. 4 Gb Pen drive,

2. Windows 7 Extracted Files,

3. Boot Utility (You Can Download This From The Link Given At Bottom Of Article),

So, Let's Start,


Connect Your Pendrive With PC,


and then Format Your Pen Drive in NTFS Format,


Extract Boot Utility. (Download link Given Below [Size 36 kb]),

Now Open Boot Utility And Copy Its Address From Address Bar,

Now, Open Command Prompt,

And Type :

>>>    cd Paste[Your Copied Address]

Now Type in CMD:


Here BOOTSECT.EXE is Boot Utility Program And G: is Your Pen Drive
Now, it will Appear Message like this,

Now, Copy Your All Windows Extracted Files Directly Into Pen drive,


Download Boot Utility Click Here [Size 40 kb],

Thanks For Support,,

For Any Suggestion Mail Me On,

Or Post As a Comment..


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