How to create Music Player Using python and Pyglet

Hello Friends,                                 

            As Every One Know! Education and Skill learning is endless And To Polish Our Programming Skills We Always need to takes New difficult Steps Whenever important.

               I Saying this Because today's topic can be seen very difficult to newbies because in this tutorial, i am going to use a new module named pyglet.

In This tutorial, 
                        we will learn about how we can create cross platform media player using python and pyglet? Or how to create music player using python?Or how to play music using pyglet? etc etc.
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                        Python Is Really Very Interesting Language Because this language provides us ability to write cross platform codes. that can run on all types of system with some small changes and with python,

we can do many interesting things like

Creating New GUI (Graphical User Interface) Apps,
Different Types Of Automation Apps,
Games ,
Web scrapers,
and Penetration Testing Tools Also.
Etc Etc.

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Now, Let's Come To Our Main Point.

Python Media Player.

First Of All, Before Starting Our Juice Important Tutorial, I Want To Clear Some Important Queries That Are Related To This Post.

Q 1. What is pyglet? Or Why I am using pyglet?

Ans. As Wikipedia says “Pyglet is a library for the Python programming language that
provides an object-oriented application programming interface for the creation of games
and other multimedia applications. Pyglet runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux;
it is released under BSD Licence.""  

In Simple Words, This Library provides us cross platform support, Object Oriented Programming Interface, And wide range of media file handling capabilities. Their are some other features also like It supports windowed and full-screen operation, and multiple monitors also. 

More Images, video, and sound files in a range of formats can be done natively, with more additional capabilities supplied by the optional AVbin plugin, which uses the Libav package to provide support for audio formats including MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, and Windows Media Audio, and video formats such as DivX, MPEG-2, H.264, WMV, and XviD. 

Q 2. What Is AVBin plugin?

Ans. AVBin Plugin is a special complied library that's provides cross platform special features to play music files. In Other Words, This File Is Nessecery To Play A Music File Through Pyglet.

 Some Other Reasons For Using Pyglet Module.


Cross Platform Support

Object Oriented Programming

Easy To Setup

Extra Extra.

So, Our Pyglet Concept is Now Clear.

Now, Let's Move Ahead and take look in other modules.

Here For Graphics Of this App,

          I am Using Tkinter... Why Tkinter?  because Tkinter is simple, built-in, Cross-Platform Supported and Easy to use.

if you are new and don't know how to use Python Tkinter Module.

Then, These Posts Can Help You In Understanding Tkinter Modules.

Let's Take a look of media player.  Here I am Sharing Some Screen Shots

As You Can See In Screen Shot, I Added Many Extra Features in Tkinter Like Show/Hide Panel List.

or If You Want To See This App, Live Running In Desktop
Then Check This Video.

Q 3. How This Python Media Player Working? 

Ans. In This Media Player, as i already described above i am using Python Tkinter Module For Creating Beautiful Graphics And Using Pyglet For Playing Music Files Because Tkinter Not Comes with music file handling capabilities.

You Just Need To Create A Function That Can Handle And Run All Provided Media Files And Another Functions To Create A Beautiful Graphics That Can Control Previous Functions Effently

And To Create This Project, Easy!

I divided my all Coding problems in Small Modules and after creating all function, combine all together.

This Techniques Is Makes Complex Things Very Easy!

And Done!

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